Nurse Recruitment Firms

This page contains an extensive list of nurse recruitment firms both in the US and internationally.  This can help you find a career in nursing and an employer which will sponsor you for permanent residence.

Our firm represents several hundred hospitals and health care providers across the United States.  During the past 30+ years,  we have assisted over 10,000 foreign-born registered nurses in immigrating to the US.

If you are a foreign-born registered nurse and wish to immigrate to the United States, please see our Registered Nurse Immigration Guide.

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Client Reviews

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“I am an Internationally Educated Nurse petitioned by US employer and the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman helped me throughout the entire process of my IV application. They were extremely thorough with regard to the instructions and the steps that I needed. Francis R., Nashville, Tennessee”

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List of Nurse Recruitment Firms

nurse recruitment firms

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