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USCIS Ombudsman The USCIS Ombudsman assists individuals and employers in resolving immigration problems with USCIS, identifies areas in which individuals and employers have problems in dealing with USCIS and proposes changes to mitigate immigration problems identified by the public.

If you need the assistance of the Ombudsman’s Office, you can complete form DHS-7001 online.

By law, the Ombudsman submits a report to Congress every year. The Ombudsman’s Annual Report summarizes the most serious problems that immigrants and employers encounter which applying for immigration benefits. The report reviews past recommendations by the Ombudsman to improve immigration programs and services.

Phyllis Coven became the USCIS Ombudsman on March 14, 2021. She brings more than two decades of experience working for both the federal government and international organizations leading a wide range of immigration, asylum and refugee initiatives.

In May 2024, the USCIS Ombudsman updated their How to Submit a Case Assistance Request page.


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The following information about getting immigrant assistance is provided on the USCIS Ombudsman’s website:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) directs individuals who have questions about immigration services and benefits, or who wish to inquire about a specific case, to call the agency’s Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283.

Submit a Request for Case Assistance with the Ombudsman

If you have tried the USCIS applicant service options listed above but still need help resolving a problem with an application or petition, you can ask the Ombudsman’s Office for help by taking the following steps:

Please submit all evidence or information regarding the efforts taken to first resolve the issue with USCIS.

How to Submit

Submit an electronic Form DHS-7001 to request assistance from the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman automatically assigns a case number once submission has been completed with an acknowledgement email sent to the e-mail address filled in on the form.

If you did not receive a confirmation page and case number when submitting an online request, please contact our office at


If you are outside the United States or seeking immigration benefits under the VAWA, T or U programs, download and complete the DHS-7001 Case Assistance Form. Please read the form instructions carefully and describe the problem in detail.

What to Include on Your Form DHS-7001

Please include ALL USCIS receipt numbers related to your application or petition. Please provide copies of important information and documentation.

Attorneys and accredited representatives must include a copy of Form G-28 previously-filed with USCIS.

A request submitted by an attorney or accredited representative that does not contain a copy of Form G-28 will be treated as an incomplete submission and may be closed. Our office understands that there are always exceptional circumstances that require special attention. We ask that you contact us if you require special assistance

Please do not send original documents.

If You Cannot Access the Ombudsman’s Online Form – E-mailing Your Request is the Next Best Option

Include signed Form DHS-7001 and any additional documentation to the Ombudsman to our e-mail address,, or fax number, (202) 357-0042. You may also mail your documents to:

Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman
Department of Homeland Security
ATTN: Case Assistance
Washington, D.C. 20528-1225

Please note that due to security measures with the government mail system, cases mailed (even those sent by express mail) may be significantly delayed.

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