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Transit Visas ("C-1")

Transit Visas

Transit Visas are required for many foreign nationals who need to pass through the US while on their way to another country.

This visa is useful in travelling in and out of the U.S. when your final destination is in another country, particularly when you need to change airports in the US. Each person transiting the US, including children, are required to have a visa.

However, persons from visa waiver countries are not required to obtain C-1 transit visas.

Visa holders may stay in the US for a maximum of 29 days or on the proposed flight or ship departure, which is earlier.


C-1 Transit Visa Eligibility Requirements


  • Passport with valid visa
  • Adequate funds for transit journey
  • Evidence of transportation arrangements to destination
  • Upon applying for a transit visa, flight reservations and other valid visas to a third country must be already made.


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C-1 Transit Visas Application Requirements


  • Online Non-Immigrant Visa Electronic Application (Form DS-160)
  • Valid Passport
  • 2×2 inch photograph meeting State Department specifications
  • Required Filing Fees
  • Visa Interview
  • Additional documentation may be required depending on the US Embassy or Consulate


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