National Interest Waivers for Physicians

physician job National Interest Waivers for Physicians allow IMGs and Canadian-trained doctors to obtain permanent residence if they practice in a medically-underserved area or for the Veterans Administration for 5 years. They can either self-petition or be sponsored by their employer.

In 2000, the INS issued very restrictive regulations which did not comport with the law. Our law firm sued the INS to invalidate these regulations and won. Now, all physicians may be apply for NIWs, not just primary care physicians. The five years start wherever the physician starts to practice in the underserved area (although not while in J status), not just after the I-140 is approved.

We have obtained 1,000+ National Interest Waivers for Physicians as a result of our victory in Schneider v. Chertoff. See below.


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“I had the best experience working with Law Offices of Carl Shusterman. The staff is very professional, trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.”

- Dr. R. Khan, Boston, Massachusetts
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Court Victory in Physicians NIW Case

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