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Immigration Court Forms, Free Download, BIA, EOIR
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Immigration Court Forms
Free Download

Immigration Court Forms If you are in removal or deportation proceedings before an Immigration Judge, and you want to apply for immigration benefits, you need to use the correct form.

When I was an INS Trial Attorney in the 1980s, I remember that many persons who were not represented by an immigration attorney often had no idea what forms to use, or even, what they were eligible to apply for.

There are forms for adjustment of status, asylum, cancellation of removal for permanent residents and for non-permanent residents, all kinds of waivers, etc. And if you need to appeal the decision of the Judge to the Board of Immigration Appeals, there are forms for this as well.

We link to all the forms you need in the chart below. Just click on the appropriate link and print the forms you need.

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- Nilesh Patel, Chicago, ‎Illinois
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Immigration Court Forms


Form Description
EOIR Forms EOIR Forms List
EOIR-26 Notice of Appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals of Decision of Immigration Judge
EOIR-26A Appeal Fee Waiver Request
EOIR-27 Notice of Appearance as Attorney or Representative Before the Board of Immigration Appeals
EOIR-28 Notice of Appearance as Attorney or Representative Before the Immigration Judge
EOIR-29 Notice of Appeal to BIA of Decision of District Director
EOIR-30 OCAHO Subpoena Form
EOIR-31 Request for Recognition as a Nonprofit Religious, Charitable, Social Service or Similar Organization Established in the U.S.
EOIR-31A Request by Organization for Accreditation of Non-Attorney Representative
EOIR-33/BIA Change of Address Form (Cases Pending Before BIA)
EOIR-33/IC Change of Address Form (Cases Pending Before IJ)
EOIR-40 Application for Suspension of Deportation
EOIR-42A Application for Cancellation of Removal for Certain Permanent Residents
EOIR-42B Application for Cancellation of Removal and Adjustment of Status for Certain Nonpermanent Residents
EOIR-44 Immigration Practitioner Complaint Form
EOIR-44 (En Español) Immigration Practitioner Complaint Form
EOIR-45 Notice Of Appeal To The BIA Of Decision Of Adjudicating Officer In Practitioner Discipline Case
EOIR-56 Request to be Included on the List of Pro Bono Legal Service Providers for Individuals in Immigration Proceedings
EOIR-58 Unfair Immigration-Related Employment Practices Form

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