K-3 Visas for Spouses of US Citizens

K-3 VisasSpouses of US citizens who are living abroad may be sponsored for K-3 visas by their citizen spouses. Their children may be sponsored for K4 visas.

These visas shorten the time that they must remain separated from their citizen spouse/parent who is residing in the US.

Eligibility for K-3 Visas

  • Married to a US Citizen
  • Pending Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative)
  • Approved I-129F Petition (No filing fee)

Eligibility for K-4 Visas

  • Unmarried
  • Under 21
  • Child of a Qualified K3 Visa Applicant
  • Must be listed on form I-129F

Benefits of K-3 and K-4 Visas

There are various benefits that come with a K3 visa or K4 visa. Those who hold these visas may apply to adjust status to a permanent resident at any time. In addition, they may obtain employment authorization.

K3 and K4 Visa Limitations

There are, however, some limitations that come with a K3 Visa or K4 Visa. For example, K3 or K4 visa holders can not change status to another temporary visa category. In addition, there are several instances in which a K3 visa can automatically expire after 30 days such as: denial of either form I-130 or form I-485, and a divorce or annulment with the US citizen spouse. A K4’s status expires when the K3’s status expires. K3 and K4 visa holders are admitted to the US for a maximum of 2  years.  They may, however, apply to extend their status.


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K-3 Visas: Required Documentation

  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Marriage Certificate
  • Past Divorce/Death of Spouse Certificates
  • Police Certificates
  • Medical Examination
  • Valid Passport for Travel Evidence of Financial Support (Form I-134, Affidavit of Support) may be required
  • Form Form DS-160 (Online Non-immigrant Visa Application)
  • Two 2×2 Photographs
  • Evidence of Relationship with U.S. Citizen Spouse

K-3 Visas: Government Resources

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