A Visa – Diplomats & Foreign Gov’t Officials

A visaA diplomat or foreign government officials can apply for an A visa to be admitted to the US to engage in official, governmental activities.

There are a number of steps to obtain the visa that vary according to the US Embassy or Consulate where you apply.

Additional documents to have prepared include: Passport, Nonimmigrant Visa Application, photo, and a diplomatic note with confirmation from your country of your status and purpose of your travels.


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In order to be eligible for an A visa, diplomats must adhere to one of the following:

  • Be an immediate family member of an A-1 diplomatic visa holder
  • Be a representative of a foreign state that has formal diplomatic ties with the U.S.
  • Officers of diplomatic missions (e.g., ambassadors, public ministers, career diplomats, or consular officers).
  • Traveling to the US on behalf of your national government to participate in official, governmental duties or services.

Diplomats and Foreign Government Officials Who Require A-1 Visas

  • Head of State or Government, regardless of the purpose of travel
  • Official coming to serve at a foreign embassy or consulate in the US (e.g., Ambassador or Consul)
  • Government minister or cabinet member coming for official activities
  • European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) delegation representatives
  • Immediate family members of an A-1 visa holder

Officials and Employees Who Require A-2 Visas

  • Full-time employee assigned by that government, coming only to work at a foreign embassy or consulate in the US to perform duties which take place at an embassy
  • Government official representing your government, coming to the US based on written request of your country to perform official, government related duties
  • Foreign military members stationed at a U.S. military base or assigned to a foreign embassy or consulate in the US
  • Staff of European (EU) and African Union (AU) delegation representatives
  • Immediate family members of an A-2 visa holder

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