Senator Brownback and AILA Attorneys

Senator Brownback

Senator Sam Brownback And AILA Attorneys


On March 22, 2001, as part of AILA Lobby Day, Senator Brownback (R-KS) met with a delegation of attorneys from the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Pictured from left to right are Lincoln Stone, Stephen Yale-Loehr, Judy Golub (AILA Staff), Josie Gonzalez, Senator Sam Brownback, Carl Shusterman, Robert Aronson and Steven Clark.

Senator Brownback was named the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Immigration just a few days prior to the meeting.

The AILA attorneys discussed the following subjects with the Senator: (1) INS reorganization; (2) Restoring due process for non-citizens; (3) The importance of essential workers; and (4) Extending §245i.

Senator Brownback is “Pro-Immigration”

Senator Sam Brownback emphasized that he is “pro-immigration”, and stated that “the country grows on immigration”. He sees immigration as essential to restore vitality to de-populated areas of the U.S. He would like to provide individual states with the authority to sponsor various types of immigrants including physicians, registered nurses and investors.

Senator Brownback believes that the U.S. should be accepting a greater number of refugees, and stated that U.S. refugee policy has not treated Africans fairly.


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