H-1B Cap Update (Fiscal Year 2014)


The general H-1B cap is set annually at 65,000 with an advance degree cap of 20,000 for professionals who have a Master’s degree or higher from a U.S. university. Each year, you may begin submitting your petitions on April 1. Detailed information is also available on USCIS’ H-1B Fiscal Year 2014 Cap Season web page.

On April 8, the USCIS announced that they had received 124,000 H-1B petitions during the first week, and would not be accepting anymore cap-subject H-1B petitions this year. They first selected the 20,000 winners under the Master’s Cap by lottery.

Then they took the 104,000 remaining petitions and ran a lottery for the 65,000 General Cap. This means that under the General Cap, the odds of being selected are approximately 62.5%.

Winners will be notified by mail. Losers will have their petitions and filing fees returned to them.
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GENERAL H-1B CAP (65,000)


H-1B cap updates


Date H-1B General Cap-Subject Petitions Received
April 5 65,000+


MASTERS H-1B CAP (20,000)

temporary working visas


Date H-1B Master’s Cap-Subject Petitions Received
April 5 20,000+




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