EB-3 Green Cards

An EB-3 green card is for professionals, skilled and unskilled workers who are sponsored by an employer is the US who is unable to find a minimally qualify US worker to fill the job.

EB-3 green cards are for persons seeking green cards for employment that requires either:

    • A baccalaureate degree or equivalent (Professionals);

    • 2 years’ training or experience (Skilled Workers); or

    • Less than 2 years’ experience (Unskilled Workers).

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Getting a green card through the EB-3 category involves the following 3-step process:

  1. The employer must undergo the PERM process and demonstrate to the US Department of Labor that it is unable to find a minimally-qualified US worker for the job;
  2. Obtain the approval of an EB-3 visa petition (form I-140) with the USCIS showing that the employer needs the services of the foreign-born worker, that it has the ability to pay the worker at the prevailing or actual wage (which is higher) and that the workers has the education and experience required to perform the job;
  3. EB-3 and

  4. The worker must either file an application for adjustment of status in the US, or
    for an immigrant visa abroad.

Unskilled workers are limited to no more than 10,000 visas per year.

The worker’s spouse and unmarried children (whose CSPA age is below 21 years) may obtain green cards together with him/her or “follow to join” at a later time.

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