Thank You Letter From A Lottery Winner

To: Carl Shusterman
February 5, 1999

Hello sir,

I thought I should write and thank you, as I have not done so yet.

I stayed with some friends in the USA at the beginning of 1997, heard about the visa lottery, and with a bit of internet searching, cutting through the crap sites which wanted me to pay money to file my lottery application, I found your site.

It gave me the information I needed for the lottery application, I filled it in and sent it off, with the blessing of my American friends (and their pets!!)

Anyway, 11 months later I was back to stay!! My application was even the first one drawn from my region of the world (New Zealand), from the look of my case number (98-oc-00000001). It’s now been one year since I’ve been in the US as a permanent resident. All thanks to you, sir.

Your work is very appeciated.

Thank you again,

Lincoln, Nebraska


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