Our Corporate Clients

Over the years we have provided legal representation for companies ranging from small, privately-owned businesses to large, publicly-traded corporations in an array of industries.

Here is a small sample of the companies we have helped out in the past.

Our Corporate Clients 1

Publicly traded independent energy company involved in the development, production, acquisition, exploration, and exploitation of crude oil and natural gas.

With a product employed in over 20 countries, tOur Corporate Clients 2his firm focuses on software development for the business services and e-commerce sectors with an estimated $550,000 in annual revenue.

Our Corporate Clients 3

Large urban school district administering close to 40 schools and over 24,000 students and about 1,638 employees.

Our Corporate Clients 4A consulting firm offering specialized services in customer relationship management and marketing, assisting companies with each step from implantation to training and support.

Our Corporate Clients 5

Highly awarded IT consulting firm offering infrastructure services and business-process engineering to several major corporations.

Our Corporate Clients 6

A company proving development, consulting, and software research services to clients around the globe.

Our Corporate Clients 7

Nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of the civil rights of Internet users in access-restricted areas.

Our Corporate Clients 8

A major provider in the United States for dialysis and kidney services.

Our Corporate Clients 9

Award-winning health care facilities management company operating across the US

Our Corporate Clients 10

Premier supplier of diagnostic test kits utilized worldwide by physicians, laboratories, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Corporate Clients 11

ERP and IT consulting services provider capable of working across all technology platforms, operating systems and infrastructures with over 200 employees

Our Corporate Clients 12Nonprofit providing leading services in guidance, resources, support, and education for at-risk youth, families, and neighborhoods.

Our Corporate Clients 13

One of the leading financial services companies, providing investments, insurance and other services to 27 million customers for over 100 years.

Our Corporate Clients 14

Wholesaler of toys, hobby supplies, games, play equipment and more with an approximate turnover of 2 to 5 million dollars annually.

Our Corporate Clients 15

US-based international skateboard company started by a professional skateboarder, producing skateboards, skating gear, skating accessories apparel and DVDs that are distributed all over the globe

Our Corporate Clients 16

LA-based gem company with over 150 years of combined industry experience, two graduate gemologists on staff and dating back five generations.

Our Corporate Clients 17

One of the largest public research universities in California with a total enrollment of almost 39,000 students and almost 2,000 faculty members.


Our Corporate Clients 18Nationally leading workers’ compensation consultant offering insurance solutions to West Coast farming and agribusiness operations.


Our Corporate Clients 19One of the first contemporary fashion brands, this publicly-traded label has operated 312 stores across the globe for over 35 years.

Our Corporate Clients 20Founded in 1957, this medical center employs 670 physicians and has been highly awarded for clinical excellence and care.

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