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“We’re more humane. More compassionate. And we are fighting for a better America”: Undocumented Americans.


On July 15th one of the most famous undocumented immigrants in the USA and founder of ‘Define American’, Jose Antonio Vargas, was detained in the Texas border town of McAllen where he was raising awareness of the surge of refugee undocumented children fleeing Central America . Emigrating from the Philippines at the age of twelve, Vargas relocated to California and only when trying to obtain a drivers permit did he discover the truth that he was here illegally.


In 2008, Vargas won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings. Furthermore in 2011, in order to advocate change to the nation’s immigration policy, Vargas published an article about his undocumented status for The New York Times Sunday Magazine. Vargas directed his first film “Documented” in 2013, which chronicles his predicament and highlights the experience of other undocumented immigrants.


Below are passports from top 5 countries from which undocumented immigrants in the US migrate from. Please tell us:

  1. The name of the country for each passport
  2. The state that is seeing a growing number of undocumented immigrants come through its border
  3. The country from which most undocumented immigrants arrived


Undocumented Americans 1Undocumented Americans 2Undocumented Americans 3

Undocumented Americans 4Undocumented Americans 5

Send your answers, along with some biographical information about yourself (Are you an immigrant? If so, where are you from? Where do you live? What is your occupation? Special interests?), explain how you solved the quiz, how long you have been a subscriber to our newsletter and what you use our newsletter/website for, to:


The first person to email the correct responses will receive a free consultation before the end of September 2014.


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