How to Renew Your Green Card

Renew Your Green Card Policy Update:

Effective September 26, 2022, USCIS increased the automatic extension period granted to green card renewal applicants to 24 months, up from 12 months under the prior policy.

USCIS has updated the language on Form I-90 receipt notices to extend the validity of a Green Card for 24 months for individuals with a newly filed Form I-90. On Sept. 26, USCIS began printing amended receipt notices for individuals with a pending Form I-90.

If you no longer have your Green Card and you need evidence of your lawful permanent resident status while waiting to receive your replacement Green Card, you may request an appointment at a USCIS Field Office by contacting the USCIS Contact Center, and we may issue you an Alien Documentation, Identification, and Telecommunications (ADIT) stamp after you file Form I-90.

Why would you need to renew your Green Card?

All adult permanent residents of the U.S. are required by law to keep their Green Cards in their possession at all time.

A Green Card is valid for ten years, starting from the date it was first issued. It is important to be mindful of a Green Card’s expiration date.

It can take many months for a Green Card renewal to be processed by USCIS therefore is is recommended

renew your green card

that an applicant starts the renewal process 6 months prior to the expiration date. The expiration date is displayed on the front of the Green Card.

In circumstances where the expiration date is not displayed on the front of the Green Card it is likely to be because it is an older version and therefore no longer valid.


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In addition, when you travel internationally, you should be prepared to show your Green Card in order to be admitted to the US. When you are applying for a job, your Green Card can be used to show both your identity and your employment authorization. If the renewal process for a Green Card has not been started and that person is outside of the U.S. when the card expires it is recommended that he or she should contact the U.S. Consulate, USCIS office or U.S port of entry.

2 Ways to Renew Your Green Card

You must apply for a renew Green Card by using Form I-90.  Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and pay the required filing fee.

You may file online or by paper.

If you file Online to Renew Your Green Card, you must:

Create a USCIS online account to file online and:

  • Submit evidence and pay fees electronically;
  • Receive case status updates about your case and see complete case history;
  • Communicate with us securely and directly; and
  • Respond to requests for evidence.

If you already have a USCIS online account, simply sign into your account to get started.

If you file by Paper to Renew Your Green Card, you must:

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