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US senate
Every year, hundreds of bills are introduced in the U.S. Senate to control illegal immigration, build fences on the U.S.-Mexican border and to grant benefits in the form of temporary visas and permanent residence to various types of immigrants.

The Senate Judiciary Committee and it’s Immigration Subcommittee schedule hearings on a wide variety of immigration topics. Often, the webcasts of these hearings are broadcast live on the internet. Our website contains a video of Attorney Shusterman testifying as an expert witness before the Senate Immigration Subcommittee.

Representatives also sponsor private bills for constituents in sympathetic cases where there are no remedies under the immigration laws. Senator Feinstein (D-CA) has introduced two private bills on behalf of our clients. The first one resulted in a green card for Guy Taylor, a Canadian who was orphaned at the age of 16. The second was for Mr. and Mrs. Cabrera. Fortunately, our law firm was able to obtain permanent residence on their behalf through cancellation of removal.

During the spring of 2013, the Senate began marking up Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation. We are following CIR developments closely, and provide links to the Senate Judiciary Committee‘s live webcast of the immigration hearings, the list of proposed amendments, and news stories reporting on the bill’s progress.

Attorney Shusterman has given seminars to Congressional staffers regarding immigration laws and procedures since the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act 0f 1986.


“I can honestly say that Mr. Carl Shusterman and his team are probably the best in the business when it comes to immigration matters. Carl’s greatest asset is his prior work experience as a former INS prosecutor. My family and I were on the verge of being deported from the United States. Because of Carl’s expertise and dedication, not only are we allowed to remain in this country permanently but are on path of obtaining citizenship…” (More client reviews…)

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