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Creating Movie Magic: Immigrant Movie Directors

immigrant movie directors

Immigrant Movie Directors at the Helm

The season of summer blockbusters has begun. Those a part of the movie business will converge upon Hollywood to celebrate the arrival of the summer’s most expected theatrical releases. At the movie premieres, when the theatre goes dark, filmmakers will undoubtedly take a deep breath while they await the reaction from audiences.

Indeed, Hollywood is not only a place on a map, but it is truly the capital of entertainment. All those who want to be part of the entertainment industry gravitate toward tinsel town. Film directors arrive in Hollywood from all over the world and add their own twist on how to tell a story. Many filmmakers grow up admiring the work of legends to one day become legends themselves. They take the work of their predecessors, and introduce new ways of capturing a scene through the use of different camera lenses, digital photography and other production mediums. Immigrant directors stand at the vanguard, experimenting with new ways of filmmaking. Many immigrant directors have won the respect of their contemporaries and audiences through their innovative techniques. The diverse perspective among directors adds to the richness of American cinematic history.

For each of the following directors, see if you can identify the (1) director (2) country of birth, and finally (3) match the director to the photo of the film he directed.



3) C)
2) B)
4) D)

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