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Immigration for Computer Professionals

The following articles, each one about IT workers and the immigration laws, appear in the online versions of Computer World, Information Week, PC World, and Wired News. We hope that by linking to these articles on immigration for computer professionals, foreign-born computer professionals and their employers will be able to increase their understanding of immigration laws and procedures, and learn more about the merits of pending legislation.

Most foreign-born computer professionals work in the U.S. using temporary professional H-1B visas. Many of them are sponsored by their employers for permanent residence through the PERM process. Depending on their jobs and their education and experience, they generally adjust their status using either the EB-2 or the EB-3 employment-based preference categories.


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Controversial H-1B Bill Fails to Reach House Committee Vote (9-14-16)
H-1B bill advances in House — as does anxiety about it (9-13-16)


Fake resumes, jobs, lead to real guilty plea in H-1B fraud case (8-26-16)
Trump’s ‘extreme’ anti-terrorism vetting may be H-1B nightmare (8-16-16)


The H-1B positions of Clinton and Trump (7-17-16)
Clinton: It’s ‘heartbreaking’ when IT workers must train H-1B replacements (7-12-16)
After 12 years seeking H-1B reform, Rep. Pascrell tries again (7-11-16)


Draft bill would boost H-1B worker pay for big visa users (6-13-16)


Sen. Sanders attacks H-1B visa use at Disney (5-25-16)
Lawsuit seeks the secrets behind the H-1B lottery (5-23-16)
U.S. Uncovers $20M H-1B Fraud Scheme (5-3-16)


US Gets 236,000 H-1B Petitions: A New Record (4-13-16)
H-1B Cap Reached (USCIS) (4-07-16)


India challenges 65,000 H-1B cap in the U.S. (3-09-16)
How the next president will change the H-1B visa (3-03-16)
Laid-off IT workers speak out at Trump rally (3-02-16)


Ahead of Senate’s H-1B hearing, a look at the early warnings (2-24-16)
The photo of the last stand of doomed IT workers (2-1-16)


Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up (1-29-16)
Judge gives breathing room to 34,000 foreign workers (1-26-16)
IEEE-USA to urge displaced workers to file complaints (1-11-16)

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